Unique Swimming Pools

Unique Swimming Pools for You

Have you been interested in a swimming pool for your property, but want something unique? Consider our creative natural swimming pools. Unlike conventional pools that use 1 oversized pump with some sort of mechanical sand or cartridge filter, our system offers the use of a very energy efficient (V.S.D.) variable speed drive pump. This allows us to run the filters (planted areas) as well as added brooks, streams, waterfalls and or fountains without the need for additional pumps. Aesthetically, our natural swimming pool system melds into the habitat that already exists. By using a rubber membrane, our system allows for total flexibility in the shape and design of your pool, enabling you to think and dream “outside of the box”.

Another great feature of a naturalized swimming pool is the ability to use it to irrigate your lawn and/or gardens without using any tap water. By running downspout water from your roof to the pool you can keep your pool topped off without adding any tap water from your household plumbing! This feature not only will save money, but also conserves water.