Natural Looking Pools

Our Natural Looking Pools

We have been building Natural Pools for more than twelve years and kept with the strict principles of design and function that have allowed us to create beautiful, clean, swimming for many happy customers. A Naturalized Swimming Pool is defined as a pool that is supported naturally without the use or need for harmful chemicals. It is designed so that the organic matter in your swimming pool supports the plants in the bog filter creating lush beautiful plants that in turn clean and filter your water as you would find in a true natural situation.

Our natural swimming pools are designed with a defined swim zone with its outside perimeter offering varying depths of planting area creating a “natural bog filter”. You may liken this area of the naturalized swimming pool to a large hydroponic plant-growing system where the pool water is drawn through a soil-less medium (crushed stone) trapping nutrients (organic matter) in its bed feeding water plants that in turn use its root system to clean and filter the water while adding natural beauty and fragrance to your swimming experience.