Aquatic Plants

Plant Choices Subject to availability at the time!
8″ Marginals
10″ Marginals
Arrow Arum: Glossy Green Foliage
Arrowhead Leopard Spot: White Flower
Arrowhead: White Blossom
Bamboo Dwarf: Green Foliage
Bog Bean: White Fragrant
Bulrush Green: Brown Seed Head
10″ Bulrush Variegated: Green/White Foliage
10″ Canna Longwood: Salmon/Tropical
10″ Canna Stadt Feltbach: Peach Orange/Tropical
10″ Canna Variegated: Yellow Striped Beauty
10″ Canna Black Knight DWF: Deep Red Burgundy Foliage/Tropical
Cattail Minima: Sm. Brown Catkin
Chameleon Plant: Tri-color foliage Exceptional addition
Clover Variegated: Variegated Foliage/Floats/Spreads
Forget Me not: Sky Blue Clusters
Giant Horsetail: Large Bushy
Giant Pickerel Rush: Blue flower/lush green
Giant Vari. Reed Grass: Pampas Like Plumes
Iris Blue Flag: Blue Purple
Iris versicolor Deep Rose: Two-Tone Pink
Iris Versicolor Wild Wine: Two-Tone Pink, Lighter Than Deep Rose
Iris Yellow Flag Vari.: Showy Yellow Variegated Foliage
Iris Yellow Flag: Yellow (Needs Regular Division)
Lavender Musk: Profuse Lavender Bloom Mid Summer
Lizards Tail: White Droopy Flower Spikes
Lobelia Cardinalis: Intense Red Blooms
Marsh Marigold Giant: Yellow First Bloomer in the Spring
Micro Mini Cattail: The Smallest Cattail
Needle Rush: Grass Like
Palm Umbrella DWF: Tropical/Excellent Foliage
Palm Umbrella: Tropical/Excellent Foliage
Papyrus Dwarf/Giant: Large Seed Head Flower
Papyrus Dwarf Tropical: Unique Flower
Pickerel Rush: Blue/Purple Flower Spike
Pickerel Rush White: Unique White Spike
Rain Lily: White Star Shaped Grass Like Foliage (Beautiful)
Rush Corkscrew: Spiral Curly Foliage
Rush Soft: Reed Texture
Rush Spike: Needle Foliage
Society Garlic: Delicate Green/White Foliage Lite Pink Bloom/Aromatic
Star Grass: White Star Bloom
Strawberries/Cream Grass: White Green Pink Blades
Sweet Flag Variegated: Bold Variegated Foliage
Sweet Flag: Green Foliage
Taro Green: Tropical/Large Elephant Ear Shaped Foliage
Water Celery: Small White Clusters of Flowers
Water Celery Variegated: Tri-Colored Foliage
Water Mint: Lilac Blooms/Aromatic Foliage
Water Poppy: Tropical/Lite Yellow Lily Like Foliage
Water Baby’s Breath: White Breath Like Sprays
Zebra Rush: Green Spike/Cream Bands