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Natural Swimming Pools


We have been building Natural Pools for more than twelve years and kept with the strict principles of design and function that has allowed us to create beautiful, clean, swimming for many happy customers.

Garden Swim Ponds


Much like Natural Swimming Pools, the Garden Swim Pond is designed with a perimeter filter and the addition of a remote filter. Customers like the design when they want to have a larger swim area and the look of a natural body of water. Our e-book is a great way to understand how we do this, as it describes, in complete detail, how to build one, from start to finish.

Water Gardens


With hundreds of these built, Robins Nest has bucked the trend to cookie cut these features by offering innovative design and naturalistic results. We pay special attention to detail with our gardens to ensure great water quality and amazing looks. Our unique filtered edge is second to none in design and function.

Pond-less Waterfalls


Pond-less falls are a great way to get the look and sound of moving water without the need for much, or any, standing water. They tend to be less expensive and a bit easier to care for. When you want the music of a waterfall, but not the pond!

Large Earthen Ponds


Earthen ponds are bodies of water with a clay liner, usually built in existing soils. We have developed larger skimmers for these to incorporate cleaning and filtering into them for fantastic results. We typically build a lined remote filter for these features, returning the water through a stream to the pond. Careful design must be given to these types of features to ensure cleanliness and longevity.



There are a lot of “fountains” on the market today, most of which need special attention to detail in order to work well and stay clean. We build ours from a local and regional stone here in our shop, making every one unique and special.

Our fountain designs include splash considerations, as well as cleanliness. We highly recommend using a plant’s based filter in any fountain. This allows for cleaner water and a better melding of water and garden.



Robins Nest doesn’t sell anything that hasn’t been tested by us. Our products work, or we don’t carry them. There is no quick fix for aquatic issues as your piece is a living Eco-system, and change happens at a different pace than we are used to in today’s world.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants


There are many aquatic plants that do well in your water feature. From shallow water marginal plants to water lilies, with a little forethought, they can be an amazingly easy-care part of your garden, as well as a major part of its cleanliness.

We put a lot of emphasis on plants as we use them for filtration to help keep your garden clean, clear, and beautiful throughout the growing season. At Robins Nest, you’ll hear and see a lot about plants based filtering of your water feature. This is because, after 25 years, we have discovered it is better to work with nature than against it. Let us know what plant zone you are in. We are zone 5, and most of the plants we sell do well here.

Natural Swimming Pools



We offer fee-based site visits and phone consulting on a regular basis. With hundreds of service customers throughout New England, we are prepared to give the best service and support of any company in the business.

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