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Natural Swimming Pools, Water Gardens, Ponds & Fountains

We welcome you to contact us to learn first-hand about the benefits of having a water feature from Robin’s Nest. When you’re ready, give us a call, or contact us via email. Let us help you create your backyard paradise with endless possibilities!

Natural Swimming Pools

We have been building Natural Pools for more than twelve years and kept with the strict principles of design and function that has allowed us to create beautiful, clean, swimming for many happy customers.

Garden Swim Ponds

Much like Natural Swimming Pools, the Garden Swim Pond is designed with a perimeter filter and the addition of a remote filter. Customers like the design when they want to have a larger swim area and the look of a natural body of water. Our e-book is a great way to understand how we do this, as it describes, in complete detail, how to build one, from start to finish.

Water Gardens

With hundreds of these built, Robins Nest has bucked the trend to cookie cut these features by offering innovative design and naturalistic results. We pay special attention to detail with our gardens to ensure great water quality and amazing looks. Our unique filtered edge is second to none in design and function.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless falls are a great way to get the look and sound of moving water without the need for much, or any, standing water. They tend to be less expensive and a bit easier to care for. When you want the music of a waterfall, but not the pond.

Large Earthen Ponds

Earthen ponds are bodies of water with a clay liner, usually built in existing soils. We have developed larger skimmers for these to incorporate cleaning and filtering into them for fantastic results. We typically build a lined remote filter for these features, returning the water through a stream to the pond. Careful design must be given to these types of features to ensure cleanliness and longevity.


There are a lot of “fountains” on the market today, most of which need special attention to detail in order to work well and stay clean. We build ours from a local and regional stone here in our shop, making every one unique and special.

Our fountain designs include splash considerations, as well as cleanliness. We highly recommend using a plant’s based filter in any fountain. This allows for cleaner water and a better melding of water and garden.


Robins Nest doesn’t sell anything that hasn’t been tested by us. Our products work, or we don’t carry them. There is no quick fix for aquatic issues as your piece is a living Eco-system, and change happens at a different pace than we are used to in today’s world.

Aquatic Plants

There are many aquatic plants that do well in your water feature. From shallow water marginal plants to water lilies, with a little forethought, they can be an amazingly easy-care part of your garden, as well as a major part of its cleanliness.

We put a lot of emphasis on plants as we use them for filtration to help keep your garden clean, clear, and beautiful throughout the growing season. At Robins Nest, you’ll hear and see a lot about plants based filtering of your water feature. This is because, after 25 years, we have discovered it is better to work with nature than against it. Let us know what plant zone you are in. We are zone 5, and most of the plants we sell do well here.


We offer fee-based site visits and phone consulting on a regular basis. With hundreds of service customers throughout New England, we are prepared to give the best service and support of any company in the business.

Customer Testimonials

We had our natural swimming pool built in the late fall of 2006, and now we can’t imagine life without it. Chris has a way about him that I like. I’m very directive by nature, but Chris is very practical and recognizes the finer points of design. It’s hard to describe swimming in a natural swimming pool for the first time. For my first dip, I kicked back and lied on my float with a glass of wine in hand, looking up at the water’s reflection on the leaves in the trees, listening to the sound of the waterfall, and looking around this amazing garden, and feeling the soft, clean water over my body. It was a remarkable moment, and still is every time I go in. The water just feels that good. We buy our water plants from Robin’s Nest every year. They’ve helped us with all of our natural pool needs from checking and adjusting the pH, algae blooms, fertilizing plants, and keeping the water clean. They’ve been such a tremendous resource to us in keeping our natural pool running, but moreover, keeping it healthy. Now we feel like we totally have our bearings and are confident to keep this habitat healthy on our own. I honestly don’t know anyone else who does what Robin’s Nest does. They’re just incredible.

Avery Pierce

Buxton, ME

Our water garden brings beauty and balance into our lives. We love the rocks and the sound of the water flowing from the bog down the stream and into the pond. Listening to the birds singing and watching the butterflies flitting around the plants brings us great joy! Chris and Terri are two very creative people with great vision. Their advice on design and implementation was greatly appreciated. They and their staff are exceptionally professional, fun to work with and always leave a job site immaculately clean. Their products are the best in keeping our water garden clean and healthy. They provide excellent customer service and follow-up care. We highly recommend them to all who want to bring peace and tranquility into their lives.

Chris & Lois Audley

Kennebunkport, ME

Chris started our project with a muddy weed-filled pond and very creatively turned it into a beautifully landscaped masterpiece! We have had so many positive comments about the project from our friends and neighbors. Some going so far as to thank us for improving their property value (and no, they were not open to helping us pay the bill). Sheila and I are always aware of the sound of the water flowing down the very natural looking waterfall and the colorful flowers that seem to bloom forever. The water draws you in. We always want to be near it. The beauty of the project is brought to life through Chris’s creativity and Terri’s thoughtful horticultural knowledge.

Peter & Sheila Zimmerman

Cape Elizabeth, ME

After years of spending our summers at our lake house, we decided to move to Brunswick to build an arts and crafts style home. Once we sold our lake house and got settled in Brunswick, we really started to miss the freshwater that the lake provided us. We had never considered a “regular/cookie cutter” pool at our new house in Brunswick. It wouldn’t have complimented the style of our home. Later that year, my hairstylist invited me to come with him to a garden party (at Avery Pierce’s house). I was blown away! With my camera in tow, I took hundreds of photographs to bring back to my husband, Sam. We couldn’t stop marveling at the photos, and knew that we had found what our new home was missing!

Working with Chris and Terri was wonderful. They let me be as involved as I wanted to be. I wanted to work with them every single day. I was part of the team and loved every minute of it.

I have adored watching all the wildlife our natural swimming pool has attracted. Dragonflies are attracted to the pond, and they eat all our mosquitoes. I’ve even had the chance to watch them in all their various stages of life. I had no idea that when dragonflies are at the pupa stage they attach to the water lilies underwater! The small tree frogs sing choruses at night. This natural pool has made our property so much more interesting and fun. My nieces are always dying to come to my house. They call it ‘Camp LALA’ and once they step into the pond in the morning, they stay in it all day – even if and when it rains!

I can’t tell you how accessible Chris and Terri have been to us. Whenever we have a question – they’re but a phone call away, and they make certain I have the information/products I need. They aren’t just business associates anymore – they’re like family to us now.

Lani Wharton

Brunswick, ME

I first met Chris at the 2008 Portland Flower Show where he was the third time recipient of the Beatrix Ferrand Design Award and the Peoples’ Choice Award for his, “Dancing in the Moonlight” exhibit. I was immediately blown away, and marveled at the possibilities. That began a professional and personal relationship with both Chris and his wife, Terri. I can’t say enough about this couple. Not only have I admired their professionalism and artistry, but our relationship has turned into a treasured friendship. By mid-summer of 2009, my husband and I decided to go forward with having our own garden swimming pond. Christopher came over to help us select the perfect location for our healing oasis, and they quickly went straight to work.

I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with his team. They’re all amazing professionals with a wonderful ability to connect with people. With each passing day, they left my property with their tools neatly stacked away so as not to compromise the safety of our family or our ability to access and use our property. Robin’s Nest moves quickly, but never cuts corners. I know this because I’ve watched them every step of the way of documenting the process with my camera.

Once they completed the rock waterfall and turned on the pump, I was blown away by my reaction. I CRIED! Granted, I’ve seen their work at flower shows, on television, in photographs, but it’s quite another experience to have a water feature by Robin’s Nest in your own back yard. It has completely changed the energy and the dynamic of our property. It leaves me speechless every time (hard to do). The sound of the waterfall can be heard in almost every room of my house. We’re sleeping better at the Sanchies homestead – even the dogs! I can’t even explain what it’s like swimming in this pond. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. What’s more amazing is that we enjoy this swimming oasis even when we’re NOT swimming (and no conventional swimming pool can boast that).

Having Robin’s Nest build our garden swimming pond was by far the best decision! There’s no doubt in my mind that once you work with them and swim in your natural swimming pool – you’ll feel the same way.

Dominique Sanchies

Hollis, ME

Chris Paquette and his team installed a beautiful and natural-looking waterfall flowing into our pond some years ago. He made it appear to originate in an underground spring to burble and splash down the hill over rocks and ledges and empty into the pond below. To sit and gaze at the pond and listen to the relaxing sound of the flowing water brings us peace profound. Since then we have depended upon Robin’s Nest for ongoing maintenance, service, pond plantings, and seasonal cleanup, and they are always absolutely reliable. This past May, Jen, and her team aced our spring cleanup. We understand Jen to be a designer, but she was happy to muck in with the best of them to clear the pond and waterfall of residual leaves and winter debris. The pond never looked better! Many thanks to Chris and Terri, Jen, and all the Robin’s Nest crew.

Thomas E.

Hollis, ME