Poseidon Pellets- Removes 50% phosphorus


Remove 50% of phosphorus from any body of water! Safe, convenient and nature friendly! So safe it can be used in drinking water.

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Introducing Poseidon Pellets™!

Efficiently adsorbs phosphate from water upon contact, in addition to being a convenient and environmentally friendly process.

Made of naturally occurring and sustainable mineral materials, Therefore making These pellets non-hazardous, insoluble in water, and pose no toxicity to aquatic plants and wildlife.

Serves as a filter media to extract phosphate from diverse environmental sources, such as including lakes, streams, drains, and channels.

Furthermore, it proves effective in treating wastewater.Providing uses for municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater.

Poseidon Pellets™ are a valuable tool in addressing phosphate-related water quality concerns, finally providing a solution  across a range of environments.

Additionally, once the pellets reach the end of their life, they can be used for adding phosphorus to soils!

This product comes in a convenient blue flow bags for orders under 20 pounds

For orders over 20 pounds Please see our other listing to use our flow system

Our calculations are for removing 50% of phosphorous in your pond.

Here’s how to determine how much you will need!

(How to determine pond Gallons)

Pond Length x Width x Depth x 7.46= Pond Gallons

.00055 X Pond Gallons= Needed weight of Poseidon Pellets to remove 50% phosphorus

We are here to answer your questions and to offer suggestions on how you can best use Poseidon pellets!

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