Introducing “The Water Cleanser”

An exciting new addition to our natural pond and pool care line can cut your bacteria use by 50%!

Bugs! The ones we are talking about here are microscopic, but play a huge roll in healthy water quality. The Water Cleanser can be thought of as a safe haven for these little critters. Suffice to say, we are excited about using less man made bacteria, and helping  mother nature along.

Microbial Mats and Adding Bugs (Microbes)

The Water Cleanser (TWC) is best described as a microbiological culture pad. If you look at TWC under a powerful microscope, it is full of millions of microscopic capillaries that progress from one end through to the other; these microscopic capillaries provide the ultimate home for all the required bugs that maintain the health of water. The Water Cleanser also provides the required trace elements for all microbes to thrive and function to their optimal levels while also providing the breeding trace elements for Archaea microbes and Bacillus bacteria. The health of any water environment such as rivers, lakes, ponds and aquariums depends on microscopic bugs, as they clean water by the nitrification and de-nitrification processes. Healthy, active bug life produces healthy water.

Different bugs handle the various stages of the nitrification process. Nature provides homes for all the bugs mostly in the form of wetlands. In many situations, this natural balance has been upset due to pollution or the removal of the natural habitat. When this occurs, the bugs then become overwhelmed and the health of the water collapses. The Water Cleanser blocks become the bugs’ protective home from which they multiply in large numbers, restoring the natural balance and maintaining the health of the waterway. The Water Cleanser blocks hold 10,000 times more bugs per square centimeter than any other medium, thus creating a visible microbial mat. A microbial mat is a multi-layered sheet of microorganisms that can be seen by the naked eye.

Because of microbial mats’ ability to use almost any waste as “food”, they are nature’s own natural way of performing water treatment and cleaning up pollution without the side effects that occur from chemical treatments. The Water Cleanser doesn’t provide any microbes or bacteria into the water; it is just a home for natural bugs to live in. The product is designed enhance the beneficial bacteria we provide for our water features allowing a lowered use of them over time. These mediums are good and can still be used in conjunction with The Water Cleanser, but don’t have the trace elements required to keep the bugs multiplying and healthy, and often have a significantly smaller holding density. Archaea microbes and certain Bacillus Spp. bacteria consume organic oils, and this is how they clean the water.

All organic material produces a percentage of organic oils which have multiple uses. These natural oils serve as a food source for many things in nature, including algal blooms and disease-causing bacteria. How does this process control Algal Blooms? Algal blooms are mostly fed by the breakdown of organic waste in water; e.g. fish feces, surface run off into a pond, or anything that has died in that water system. In the natural nitrification process, Nitrosomonas spp bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite and then Nitrobacter spp bacteria convert nitrites into nitrate. Next, the Archaean microbes and Bacillus oil-eating bacteria remove the organic oils which phosphate uses, leaving the phosphate biologically unavailable to be a nutritious food source for algae. So by removing the organic oil compound, the microbes and bacteria that The Water Cleanser enables and protects, renders the phosphate harmless and provides no nutrition for algae.


It’s our goal that you can cut your bacteria use by 50% once the water cleanser is established in your water.