Plant Spotlight: Water Hyacinth



Have you always been in awe of a specific plant found in your aquatic habitat but not known much about it? Maybe you know the name of it, maybe you have given it its own special name! Weather you know everything or nothing, in this series of blogs you may find some fun facts about some beautiful and beneficial aquatic plants! We have everything from crawlers to free-floating plants! Join us in a quest for knowledge about our amazing aquatic plants! Every two weeks there will be a new plant in the spotlight, maybe you will see your favorite in the headline or possibly find one you may fall in love with!


This edition of Robins Nest LLC’s plant spotlight is focusing on the beautiful water hyacinth also known as Eichhornia crassipes as its latin name.



  • The water hyacinth is a floating aquatic plant, water bubbles getting trapped within its network of roots is what allows it to float on the water.
  • The water hyacinth has the ability to multiply quickly and cover the waters surface.
  • The water hyacinth has waxy leaves to ensure they never get weighed down by rain.
  • This plants stalk contains air pockets to help with boyency.
  • The water hyacinth is native to south america.
  • When the water hyacinths multiply and create a colony it becomes a great way to shade your water, helping in the fight against algae.
  • Flower can be purple or white.
  • In Maine water hyacinths are an annual plant, meaning they will not survive the winter.
  • In their natural habitat they are one of the most invasive water plants due to their ability to multiply, and the ability to flourish on the waters surface. 

Those are some interesting things you may or may not of known about the water hyacinth, not your typical plant! This is a great option to add to your existing water feature, pond or natural swimming pool. If you find that you are interested in purchasing some of these beauties to help filter your aquatic habitat, contact us at Robins Nest LLC!‚Äč



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